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Disabled Sailing Program

The Noosa Yacht and Rowing Club has been offering a disabled sailing program for over 10 years. It now has about 50 adolescents and adults sailing with the program between April and September each year.

This program is now at risk and has been only available to a few charities. Our goal is to bring all the charities that support people with disabilities together and to make this valuable sailing program open to as many people with disabilities as possible.

Local businesses will be asked to assist in sponsoring the event with prizes and financial support as well as providing recreational activities on the day for the participants. By involving local businesses in the event, it will provide them with the opportunity to engage the local community and to be seen publicly supporting activities for people with disabilities. It will also enable businesses to view and assess the different abilities that people with disabilities can bring to the workplace and the community.

As several not for profit organisations will be involved in the event, it will be an opportunity for these organisations to actively provide information and education about people with disabilities to the wider Noosa community.

The Noosa Yacht and Rowing Club - Disabled Sailing Program
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Donate Today

Sponsor a disabled child/adult for the 28 week sailing program $250. The more sponsorship received the more people with disabilities can access the program.

Donate prizes for our silent auction call 121 Care on 5443 9777.

Sponsor a kid’s ride for the day $800.

Become a volunteer to assist the event call 0439 103 267 to register.

Make a tax deductible donation to help us reach our goal of $10,000.